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Wind Aid Equine Breathing Aid

Wind Aid offers horses temporary relief from allergies, coughs, and other minor breathing problems due to bronchial congestion and minor throat irritations. This blend of natural aromatic oils and potassium iodide helps to aid in reducing mucus, which is a problem in all respiratory-tract irritants, infectious or not. It also coats and soothes the throat while helping to reduce inflammation. Wind Aid works similarly to an expectorant in that it helps to open up the airways for easier breathing.

Wind Aid Directions for Dosage:

  • Administer a single dose (1 tube for the paste or 60mL for the liquid) by mouth 1 time each day for 2-3 days prior to exercise or race.

  • Be sure to shake the liquid well before each dose.

  • For additional support, you can give 1 dose by mouth 2 hours prior to exercise or race.

  • Administer dosing orally with a dose syringe.

Wind Aid Equine Breathing Aid Precautions:

  • intended for internal equine use

  • do not exceed the recommended dosage

  • do not combine with prescription medication

  • not for pregnant or lactating animals

  • not for use in animals with gastrointestinal conditions

  • not for use in an animal with kidney or liver disease

Both the liquid and the paste can be stored at room temperature averaging 59-86Ôö¼ÔûæF (15-30Ôö¼ÔûæC).

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