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Uniquely English Elastic Breastplate

The Uniquely English Elastic Breastplate is constructed of premium leather with strong elastic inserts in the shoulder straps for added flexibility. All straps are lined and padded and the center yoke is fleece-lined for your horse's comfort. This padded breastplate is adjustable at the girth and shoulders. The shoulder straps have snaps at the ends for quickly attaching them to your saddle. There is also a removable adjusting running attachment included.

Uniquely English Elastic Breastplate Key Features:
  • elastic inserts in shoulder straps
  • allows flexibility & freedom of movement
  • all straps are lined & padded
  • center yoke is fleece lined
  • adjustable at girth & shoulders
  • snaps for quick, easy attachment
  • removable, adjustable running attachment

MSRP: $69.99