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UltraFount Waterer

Total hydration is essential to your horses overall health. The UltraFount is the ultimate waterer on the market and keeps working in any climate or weather situation.

Provides fresh and clean water for up to 40 head.

Quickly refills and has a UL tested and approved 120 V thermostat activated heater so you never have to worry about your horses being without water.
  • Insulated & automatic
  • Two drink unit
  • Quick refill function - no waiting for water
  • Heavy duty construction - extremely durable
  • Stainless steel drinking area
  • Premier heating system installed
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Large access panel for installation
  • ½" universal valve for standard hose attachment
  • 10 year warranty
Drop-shipped from the manufacturer.

$40.00 shipping charge.