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Start to Finish Cool Omega 40+

Equine Dry Fat & Protein Supplement

A cool source of energy that helps to maintain and improve hair coat, body condition, and performance.  40% minimum Crude Fat

Key Benefits of Cool Omega 40+™:
  • contains vegetable fat for daily performance and weight gain
  • contains flaxseed, a source of Omega 3 fatty acids
  • easy-to-use pelleted product; no liquid spills or lingering mess
  • blended calories and proteins improve hair coat and over-all body condition
  • highly palatable and digestible so product is consumed and well utilized; less waste
  • flexible feeding options; ideal as a top dressing, in grain mixes, or pellets
  • convenient for small scale top dressing

Mixing and Feeding Instructions:

Feed at a rate of 2 oz per day for an increased improvement in body condition, feed at a rate of 4 oz per day mixed with the grain portion of the diet. Horses with high activity levels or heavily stressed can be fed up to 8 oz per day.

Enclosed measuring cup holds approximately 4 oz of Cool Omega 40+.

Check cup quantity periodically. Measuring scoop included.

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