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GardStar 40% EC

A Livestock and emulsifiable concentrate premise insecticide with 40% Permethrin.

GardStar® 40% EC is best for: 
  • dairy & beef cattle
  • sheep 
  • goats
  • swine
  • poultry
  • horses
  • dogs
  • premise
GardStar® 40% EC is used to aid in the control of: 
  • lice
  • horse and face flies
  • stable and house flies
  • mosquitoes and eye gnats
  • mange mites and scabies mites
  • fleas and ticks
  • keds on sheep

Safe for use in all areas of dairy rooms, kennels, stables, animal hospitals, etc.

GardStar® 40% EC Directions for Use:

On horses and livestock: Mix ½ oz to 1 pt of water then apply 1 to 2 oz per animal. Mix 4 oz with 10 gals of water for a premise spray. 4 oz bottle comes with ½ oz measuring chamber.
Check label for specific mixing directions depending on type of application. Can be mixed with mineral oil or water.

For backrubber mix 1 oz to 2.5 gallons of
diesel fuel or mineral oil.

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