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Galvanized Steel Automatic Waterers (& Replacement Parts)

For horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, dogs, etc.

All-purpose water bowl constructed from heavy gauge quality steel. The adjustable float valve is molded from high grade nylon for trouble-free operation. Can be easily installed at any height using lag bolts or U-bolts (not included). Will fit a 1/2" pipe with a left or right connection.

DIMENSIONS: 9" L x 9" W x 4½" H.

Available in Galvanized Steel or with Black Epoxy Finish

Repair Kit - includes red float, arm, 2 rubber stoppers, swivel, cork washer, plastic nut, and screw base.

Rubber Grommet - fits M3W5 and M3W6 Automatic Waterers.

A great video showing how to solve common problems, including adjusting/replacing the float and moving or mounting/installing.

Galvanized Automatic Waterer (#88SW)
Black Coated Automatic Waterer (#88ESW)
Repair Kit for Steel Automatic Waterers (#SW25CKIT)
Rubber Grommets for Steel Automatic Waterers (each)