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Fresh Start, 2 oz

Need to apologize? Use this and try again. Even if we are not sure what is wrong or what happened in the past –this remedy can help your animal. Animals don'’t care who apologizes –just so long as they feel like they got an apology. Also, addresses fear and enhances focus relieving the animal mentally from fixating on annoying or negative behaviors. This blend has helped the most desperate cases giving them an opportunity for a “do-over.” For dogs, cats, and horses.

Flower essences of Gentian, Mimulus, Lady Slipper, Gorse, and Arnica. Flower essences improve problematic behavior, attitudes, emotions, and patterns of learning. Essences are simple, effective, and highly successful because they go to the root cause of mental and emotional problems.

Directions: For best results shake well. Place 2-6 sprays 2-4 times daily in animal's drinking water, in treats, food, or mist environment. Use within 3 months of opening. Store in cool, dry place.