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Flex-Force® Sodium Hyaluronate Solution

100 mg HA (Hyaluronic Acid) per ounce. Cherry Flavored.

Corta-Flx Flex-Force Feeding Directions:
  • For an average 1,100 lb horse, feed 1 ounce daily with the horse`s regular feed or as directed by your veterinarian
  • Thereafter as a maintenance level, feed 1/2 ounce daily
  • Feed others according to body weight, less for ponies and smaller horses, more for larger breeds
  • Prior to strenuous exercise event, feed 2 ounces daily for 3 consecutive days

Caution: As with all food supplements, consult your veterinarian before starting any supplement program.

NOTE:For Sale and Distribution Only in the USA

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Any use of a product that is not clearly defined on the label directions should be done only under supervision of a qualified veterinary professional.