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Drama-Trauma, 2 oz

This is a must have for animals with a fear of loud noises and/or thunderstorm anxiety.  2 oz

Drama-Trauma Features & Benefits:
  • creates a feeling of safety
  • perfect for excitable or reactive dogs
  • nervous and neurotic phobias such as travel
  • entirely plant-based, no side effects, no chemicals

Contains flower essences of Star Tulip, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, and Impatiens. Flower essences improve problematic behavior, attitudes, emotions, and patterns of learning. Essences are simple, effective, and highly successful because they go to the root cause of mental and emotional problems.

Directions:For best results, shake well before use. Lightly mist the air, toys, equipment, or bedding several times a day. Or put 4 sprays 4 times daily in water, food or treats - shared with others is fine. Or spray your hands and gently pet. Avoid nose and eyes. Self-splashing is encouraged. In emergencies:Use every 5 to 10 minutes for 1st hour and then every 30 minutes as needed.