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Country Vet Macro Fly Manager Dispenser

The Macro Fly Manager Dispenser is a high-volume, all-weather metered dispenser for large area application of mosquito and flying insect killer and repellent. It provides continuous, around-the-clock protection automatically and can be set to three different spray intervals, every 15 minutes for 12 hours, every 8 minutes for 24 hours, or every 15 minutes for 24 hours. Also includes an on/off switch and a sealed electronics compartment specifically designed for outdoor use. It is ideal for large, open air and sheltered applications such as barns, stables, arenas, warehouses, camp sites and more. Industrial-grade components for maximum reliability with multiple mounting options, providing automatic insect control both indoors and outdoors.

Country Vet Macro Fly Manager Dispenser Key Benefits:

  • all weather unit provides automatic insect control

  • delivers 250% more spray per shot than standard dispensers

  • sprays every 15 minutes or may be programmed


Size:Approximately 13"H x 6¼"W x 5"D.

Note:Use with Metered Fly Spray (sold separately). Requires 4 D-Cell batteries (not included).

Metered Insecticide Fly Spray:
For use with the Macro Fly Manager Dispenser to control flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and moths. Active ingredient is pyrethrin, a  botanical insecticide.

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