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Cashel Crusader Quiet-Ride Fly Mask w/ Ears

Cashel Crusader Quiet-Ride Fly Mask is designed and made with the same quality as the Crusader Pasture Fly mask, and offers effective protection for your horse. The sheer mesh material will not impair the horse's ability to see while being ridden. The Quiet-Ride Fly Mask reduces insect-driven head tossing caused by flies flying around the horse's ears and face, and provides you with a much quieter and safer ride. The lightweight, nonrestrictive fly mask fits comfortably, and easily attaches over the bridle.

Cashel Crusader Quiet-Ride Fly Mask Key Benefits:
  • does not impair the horse's vision
  • reduces insect-driven head tossing
  • lightweight
  • nonrestrictive
  • easily and quickly attaches
  • standard nose length with ears

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