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Buckeye Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Pad, 30 x 34"

Developed from the horses back up, the Buckeye Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Pad is contoured to follow the curve of the horse's spine. As a result, the pad locks in place on the horses back, allowing full movement.

The SMx 3/4" Air Ride core absorbs shock and improves saddle fit for ultimate equine comfort.

The Air Ride core is made of a unique material found in the protective gear of professional human athletes for absorbing shock while allowing air flow to the skin, creating a natural cooling system that lowers the horses body temperature and slows the rate of fatigue,

Made with a felt lining.

Comes complete with a 60-day money back guarantee - if you don't love it, we will buy it back!

Made in the USA!

Black Turquoise
Black Wine
Cream Turquoise