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Boredom Breaker Horse Toy

The Boredom Breaker takes the simplicity of Likit's Boredom Relief toy and combines it with a robust ball with inserts for Little Likit Horse Treat refills, providing an increased challenge for your horse.

Designed to be hung in the stall (well away from walls), the ball should be in line with the horse's withers. Hanging this product away from walls encourages horses to lick instead of bite, while increasing spin and swing.This product is ideal for food-motivated horses or experienced Likit users.

For Best Results:Introduce the toy to your horse slowly. First, allow them to lick the refill from your hand, then from inside the toy. Following that, hang the toy and hold it steadyand the horse should soon get the idea. To encourage a nervous horse to play, try smearing molasses on the ball.

Use with (1) Standard Likit Horse Treat Refill and (1) or (2) Little Likit Horse Treat Refills (Sold separately).